Our Story

From childhood we have been easily convinced to use the mass produced skin & hair care products with its attractive advertisements, campaigns and cheap price. These lab-made cheap products containing artificial colours, fragrance, non-bio degradable substances, and toxic ingredients that consistently damages our skin. This results in skin diseases for which we are again forced to run behind some other suppressing chemical medicines. There is no proper awareness among the people because supermarkets and hyper markets are loaded only with these chemical skin care products. So without even going through the ingredients people tend to believe that these are the only product available in the market and they do good to us. Unfortunately, it is not!

After finishing my Under graduation I personally wanted to switch for natural skin care products, as me and my family were always very fond of a natural healthy lifestyle. Though we were following it religiously by eating organic vegetables & fruits, I noticed that we aren’t doing the same when it comes to skin. 

I came to know that Skin is the largest organ which has the capacity to absorb up to 60% of whatever we feed it with and I understood feeding the skin is as important as feeding oneself. 

So I decided to use the natural products in the market. I tried one of the so called popular natural skin care brand in India. But shockingly I experienced a severe hair fall, dry skin, patches in my skin due to which I lost the glow in my skin.

I got curious and when I started to study about these products, I found that many popular brands do not mention all their ingredients and use the word called Q.S base - Quantity Sufficient base, which nobody knows what it is made up of. Most of the brands simply claim them as natural or organic by using only 1-2% of the natural ingredients for the sake of it and fill the rest with chemicals.


Then I visited a popular hi-tech skin clinic in my hometown and took face treatments for the damage these products had created to my skin. They asked me to use their expensive skin products for six months but the results were temporary and not sustainable, just a waste of money and time. I got really frustrated and searched for authentic natural skin care brand but I could come up with only very few brands in India but they were very costly and it wasn't affordable to be purchased on regular basis.


Finally, I decided to manufacture natural skin and hair care products on my own and studied diploma in natural cosmetology. Then I worked on research and development with a renowned cosmetologist and an aroma therapist for two years. We made our products undergo several revisions and prototypes during formulation and finally came up with Mystic Naturals. The best natural skin and hair care products at an affordable price without compromising on quality. True to our tag line “Packing Nature to You” the products are designed to be completely safe, non-toxic and 100% natural. We have formulated the products according to the skin type which provides long lasting sustainable results on the skin avoiding all skin complications.


Our ultimate goal is to create awareness among the people about the necessity of using natural products for their skin.

A hearty thanks to my parents and everyone who have been with me and inspired me right from the beginning. Thank you dear customers for believing in us, supporting us and loving our products. 


(Founder of Mystic Naturals)